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Savage River Reservoir
Savage River Reservoir is an impoundment located near North Glade in Garrett County, Maryland. The impoundment, which is owned by the Upper Potomac River Commission, lies in the North Branch Potomac River watershed. An earth/rockfill dam was constructed in 1952. Upstream watershed usages include Savage River State Forest, Big Run State Park, camping, fishing, boat launching facilities and fish stocking (including walleye and trout). Downstream watershed usage includes water supplies to the Town of Westernport and the City of Piedmont in West Virginia. The inflow to Savage River Reservoir is primarily via the Savage River.
Savage River State Forest
Bloomington MD  21523
39º 30' 27.29" N  •  79º 07' 58.04" W
(301) 359-3944
Savage River Reservoir dam
Reservoir - dam
Savage River Reservoir shore
Savage River Reservoir - shore
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